Assisted Living

212 Iroquois Ave 
Green Bay  WI  54301
"An Assisted Living Community, Filled with Life"

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McCormick Assisted Living is a community where potential and possibilities come to life. Combining the benefits of a caring team with an independent atmosphere, we enrich residents' lives by supporting their social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Since opening the doors in 1921, we have remained a supportive community for seniors to enjoy their retirement years. Our Catholic roots have emboldened us with respect for the sacred nature of life and every person coming through our doors. We are proudly a supportive and faith-filled community for seniors.

Together with the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay and the Sisters of St. Francis, our caring team enriches the lives of residents. We provide every resident with the support, compassion and encouragement they need to practice their passions and faith daily.

We provide: all your meals made fresh daily; private rooms where you can relax with a good book; daily entertainment to keep your body moving.

 At McCormick Assisted Living, we strive to make this your new home.
“When your Parent or Loved One needs help…”
Who We Are-

  • —Private apartments, studios, and suites with private baths
  • —Home cooked meals
  • —Respite care
  • —Housekeeping
  • —Laundry service
  • —Medication management
  • —Assistance with bathing

  • Average resident age 84
  • —Average staff retention 12.5 years
  • —Full-time in-house RN
  • —LPN’s and Certified CNA’s make up remainder of personal care staff
  • —Personal care staff always on overnight
  • —All staff CPR certified